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Jennifer Dailey-Provost

for State House - HD 24

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Greetings Utah Democrats and thank you for continuing to be involved in the fight to make sure that Utah’s government is representative of ALL Utahns. 

My name is Jen Dailey-Provost, and it is my true honor and privilege to represent Utah’s House District 24 in downtown Salt Lake City. I have had the opportunity to serve for the last two years and am excited for the opportunity to serve a second term. 

I look forward to the chance to continue to fight for better access to high quality healthcare, to fight against pervasive inequities that plague our society – the heavier burden of which falls on our marginalized communities – to work to elevate the voices of people who demand better education for our children, better attention to violence including gun and domestic violence, improved access to safe, affordable housing, higher prioritization of environmental protection, more resources for those struggling with substance use disorder or homelessness, and a refusal to accept that any person in our community should have diminished opportunity to live and thrive. 

I am absolutely committed to making sure that our legislature turns more blue in 2020 and will be volunteering for and supporting Democratic candidates throughout the state this year. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to represent the constituents of HD24 and every disenfranchised Democratic voice in our state. I know Utah can do better by its people and I’m grateful that we are in this fight together.

I know Utah can do better by its people and I’m grateful that we are in this fight together.

Utah Democratic Party Forum Questions

Dear Party Member, 
In this new world of virtual space, we want to give you an opportunity to ask our candidates some questions. Your voice, your words are central to our ability to conduct these democratic processes. We are holding a series of forums sponsored by the State Party and these questions will be considered for those events.