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Cheryl Butler

for State House: HD 53

Cheryl grew up in a small, rural town where her parents were medical professionals, serving the community, and instilling the values of honesty, hard work, self-sufficiency and caring for others. These are the same values she has stressed with her own children and grandchildren. And, these values lead her to appreciate the importance of serving the public.

Cheryl retired in 2016, after working 34 years, as a successful engineer and senior manager for a major international energy company. She is a recognized expert in risk decision making and oil/gas process safety. She has been a featured speaker at industry conferences around the world and has published papers in multiple technical journals. For the last 15 years of her career, Cheryl lived and worked overseas in Nigeria, Venezuela, and Kazakhstan - learning the languages and cultures along the way.

For 50 years, Cheryl has been putting her skills and experience to work in every community where she has lived. She has coached kids soccer teams, tutored and mentored students, started new 4H clubs, and served on the school board. Cheryl currently serves on the Board of Habitat for Humanity, teaches ESL to recent immigrants, volunteers with voter registration efforts, and in the public schools encouraging young people to pursue careers in STEM. Cheryl is also the Director of the Talem Foundation which funds sustainable development projects. She loves to hike and sew quilts for the grandkids.

For 50 years, Cheryl has been putting her skills and experience to work in every community where she has lived. 

Utah Democratic Party Forum Questions

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